Delivering the right message to the right consumer at the right time and in the right format is the holy grail for any advertising and marketing organization. Understanding how to turn data into insights that drive the delivery of a personalized offering to each consumer or consumer segment is our specialty. We help firms with strategic projects to understand how to collect, leverage and utilize the right data and insights to enable such targeting. We also deploy solutions that directly drive increasing relevance and revenue per consumer through user targeting. We also help develop advanced strategies for monetization of insights and data in lifting CPM/CPC’s and CPA rates that maximize ROI for advertisers.

Open Insights, LLC has built its services based in this area of expertise to include:

  • Advanced user targeting applications.
  • Scoring and understanding ad effectiveness and campaign ROI.
  • Multi-channel optimization of ad spend.
  • Advanced targeting capabilities to leverage social network data and word of mouth/viral marketing.
  • Segmentation and targeting systems.
  • Data strategy and monetization strategies.
  • Data policy, privacy, and proper permission.
  • Driving more value from impressions by developing CPA and CPL strategies. 
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