Pavel Berkhin, Ph.D.
VP of Predictive Analytics


Dr. Pavel Berkhin is a Vice President of Predictive Analytics of Open Insights, a data strategy, technology and consulting firm. Up until October 2008, he was Vice President for Data Mining and Research of Yahoo!, Inc. He developed a vision and strategy for integration of data insights into actionable product components and has built one of the premier industrial data mining groups. Key technical achievement of the group included development of a new proprietary machine learning solution for behavioral targeting in display advertisement, improving company’s click-through protection against fraud, development of Yahoo! data mining and categorization platforms, news direct display optimization, optimization of search result page, user segmentation. Pavel also worked as a researcher for Yahoo! Search, developing in particular, bookmark coloring algorithm for fast PageRank computing with arbitrary teleportation.

Prior to joining Yahoo!, Pavel Berkhin kept positions of a Chief Scientist with Accrue Software, Inc. (1999-2003), a web analysis company, and a Chief Scientist of Neo Vista, Inc. (1997-1999), a provider of industrial data mining software for banking, insurance, and retail. He is known for his work in exploratory data analyses and informational co-clustering. Pavel also worked in the area of numerical analysis leading development of industrial computational libraries at National Instruments, Inc. He served on numerous program committees and was a general chair of KDD 2007.

Pavel Berkhin earned his Ph.D. in mathematics from Institute of Mathematics, Novosibirsk, USSR, under supervision of Professor Sergey Sobolev. His research interests were in partial differential equations. His mathematical publications are related to boundary value problems, pseudo-differential operators, theory of diffraction, and probability theory.
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