Retailers, especially large retail chains and e-commerce retailers. This sector is characterized by a fiercely competitive environment and tremendous cost pressure especially on marketing resources. The keys to success are heavily dependent on increasing average basket size per consumer, cross-selling existing consumers, smart and targeted use of direct marketing resources, and implementing programs to foster customer loyalty and increase mindshare. Few retailers know how to harness the multitude of data sources available at their finger tips to drive more revenue and increase profitability. The richness of these data sources cannot be underestimated. Take simple transaction detail data. Not only does this data source provide the individual items that each consumer bought, but it provides valuable information such as time and place of purchase, repeat purchases, region, item details and preferences, and optional choices. Other data sources such as campaign response, product affinity, demographics, and customer service and complaint data can complete the view of the customers experience and lead to accurate predictive models.

Open Insights, LLC has built its services based in this area of expertise to include:

  • Cross-sell and up-sell revenues to increase revenue per consume.
  • Targeted marketing for more effective customer acquisition and for targeted item clearances.
  • Loyalty program score cards.
  • Lifetime value scoring and targeted customer retention and management techniques.
  • Marketing program assessment and ROI analytic.
  • Cost modeling and customer profitability analysis.
  • Market segmentation and individual customer targeting.
  • Credit-risk assessment and prediction.
  • Targeted individualized offerings, such as next-best offer and specialized retention analysis programs. 
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