Waqar Hasan, Ph.D.
VP of Analytics and Targeting Systems

Waqar Hasan, Ph.D. VP of Dr. Waqar Hasan is Vice President of Analytics & Targeting Systems for Open Insights and brings 20 years experience in data and internet technologies, building high-energy organizations and delivering customer-focused platforms delivered as software or operated as a service. At Yahoo! for the past four years as Vice-President of Engineering, Waqar managed data systems across Audience, Search and Brand advertising businesses and headed architecture across Yahoo! for data systems, analytics and targeting. Processing data from 500 million consumers, these systems are among the largest-scale systems in the world, touch nearly all revenue, helped increase monetization by over $700M and increased consumer engagement. Prior to Yahoo!, Waqar consulted for over two dozen startups and Fortune 100 customers. As an advisor to the CIO of Visa, he helped deliver the next generation credit card processing system now deployed in the EU. He founded DB Wizards, a company that delivered a performance accelerator for ERP applications on Oracle and was acquired by Chutney, a Kleiner-Perkins company. Waqar served as an architect at Informix Software for two years leading query optimization and processing for Informix’s flagship RDBMS product. As a research scientist at Hewlett-Packard Laboratories for eight years, he was part of the team that built Iris, the world’s first object-relational database and an early parallel database system. At IBM Research, Waqar wrote the first version of the SQL query rewrite optimizer that is now part of the IBM DB2 product. Waqar received his PhD in Computer Science with from Stanford University and his B.S. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur. He has authored publications in leading journals and conferences and his book “Optimization of SQL for Parallel Machines” was published by Springer-Verlag. He is a recipient of the ACM SIGMOD Test of Time Award for his work on the optimization of SQL.

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