We are steadfast counselors to many of the leading technology businesses and institutions in the world. We are their data problem solvers with a passion for excellence. We are intellectually curious and highly collaborative. Data Strategy is more than just data mining or predictive analytics, it is about unlocking the value of the data assets in your organization and understanding how Data can play a strategic role in driving the business, creating new sources of revenue, and maximizing profits.

We are a group of leaders in the area of Data Strategy and its role in marketing, especially on-line. Our backgrounds make us unique. Each member of our team has built a core competency in his or her area of expertise by working hand in hand with leading organizations on some of the most interesting projects in the industry. In this rapidly growing area, we hire the best minds in the industry. Different members of our team can work with all levels of your organization. We are passionate about the work we do and go to lengths to support the people we work with. At Open Insights, we are tied by respect, interdependence, loyalty, and a shared set of professional values.

As an entity, we are nimble and liberated. Unlike others, we are not bound to boardroom burdens or pressures. We are not concerned with returns to shareholders. Alternatively, we constantly weigh projects and opportunities alongside our values. We think of you, we think of long-term relationship, and how to bring the most value to the organization. A project we accept, is a project that we put our full potential behind.

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