W. Nick Weir, Ph.D.
Vice President, Data Strategy

Nick‘s professional experience spans the fields of predictive modeling, quantitative finance, consumer Internet services, and online advertising.  He began his career as a research scientist in Astronomy at Caltech, moving on to do financial modeling and trading for Goldman Sachs (1993-1999) and later for a hedge fund that he co-founded in New York City (2001-2005).  He also served as president of Strategy.com (1999-2001), a subsidiary of McLean-based MicroStrategy that delivered personalized and mobile information services to users on behalf of large consumer brands such as The Wall Street Journal and Ameritrade.  In 2005, Nick joined Yahoo!’s Strategic Data Solutions Division and served as Vice President of Data Strategy for Yahoo!, where he helped to identify and develop new opportunities for data monetization and lead the construction of internal and external policies for user data collection, retention, and use.  Nick holds a Ph.D. in Astronomy from Caltech, and a B.A. in Computer Science and Astrophysics from Harvard.


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