Our aim is to help companies, from established enterprises to fast-growing innovative startups unlock the value of their data assets for actionable insights and optimized data-informed business decision-making. We prefer Open Source technologies and have a deep belief that ‘cost-effective’ and ‘quick to market’ solutions are the best path for success in data and analytics for any company. We are fiercely passionate about Data and about showing the value Data delivers when it becomes a working asset.

We recognize that Big Data is an ever-growing field, it helps unlock different opportunities allowing us to work with all varieties of data with differing velocity. Businesses that use properly built Big Data foundations turn their data assets into profitable value drivers. Statistics show that these businesses are able to become 26 percent more profitable, have 9 percent more revenue and a 12 percent higher valuation than competitors[1].

A World Class Team

  • From Data Strategy to deploying fast monetization
  • Leaders in understanding how to make Data play a pivotal role in enabling technologies like Machine Learning and AI. Also, ensuring they get integrated and activated as part of a Digital Transformation
  • Our team can create a Data Environment that enables high ROI on your Data investment
  • Proven ability to build big data ecosystems within large organizations rapidly and cost effectively
  • Expertise in driving modernization of data platforms, migration to open source technology
  • Engineers with product development experience, our team includes members who have worked in the telecom and financial services industries
  • Each project has optimal team sizes which allows us to effectively create agile multi-functional teams

Performance-Focused Business and Engineering Culture

  • All priorities driven by business pain points, opportunities and use cases with rapid delivery of value as the highest priority to establish credibility and sustainability of Data assets
  • DevOps and Continuous Integration culture driving efficient and faster roll outs
  • Modular and automated code framework which helps reduce incremental build costs
  • Expertise in building secure applications through a simplified process using industry leading tools

Agile Delivery Approach

  • Daily, transparent cadence
  • Short, feature packed phased approach; delivering business value quickly and consistently
  • Relentless focus on rapid delivery of value to maximize engagement and enable virtuous feedback loops

[1] Westerman, George, et al. “The Advantages of Digital Maturity.” MIT Sloan Management Review, MIT Sloan Management Review, 20 Nov. 2012, sloanreview.mit.edu/article/the-advantages-of-digital-maturity/.