Open Insights was founded to help change the world of Data and what it means for data to be an asset in an organization. We are are here to help you turn your Data sets into productive and essential assets to help you drive, understand, and optimize your business. Most organizations realize their Data is valuable and they spend time and effort to store and safeguard this Data. Yet sadly, for most organizations Data is not an asset – it is an exposure, a cost, and in most cases a liability. Much like the pyramids of Ancient Egypt, Data stores in most organizations are little more than Data Tombs where data is laid to rest for eternity, inadvertently creating a tempting target for the rapidly growing community of cybercriminals, hackers, and data raiders. What matters is not the size of your data warehouse and what you are doing to maintain it. What matters is what your Data Environment is doing for you! 

The question is simple 

What is the ROI of your data assets? Is your Data Environment helping you grow and optimize your business? Your revenues? Are you getting insights that help you understand your customers? What they want? How you can engage them? How you retain them? Do you have a Data Insights Culture in your organization?

Open Insights’ founding principle was to transform data sources and data stores into valuable assets that drive insights and help drive a huge ROI. Not only does Open Insights help  companies safeguard their data assets, we help create the Data Environment to put your Data Assets to work for the organization.  We are a Bellevue, Washington based firm that has a deep understanding of the value of Data, how to strategize about Data, how to turn Data into a strategic weapon, how to manage Data Assets, and how to leverage the latest technologies to realize the maximum value at the lowest costs.