Case Study Four

Case Study Four – Big Data Platform Implementation, Smart Capex & Executive Reporting | Telco in Africa

Problem Statement

Disparate non-standard KPIs across business units operating across countries leading to inefficiencies in operation and impact on strategy decisions hampering business growth.



Self Service Reporting

Enabled true self-service, democratizing data across the organization

Data Governance

Set up the framework for data governance as part of the use case to enable higher reliability and timely process to amend

Data Quality

Integrated data quality report for each attribute to enable consistent and reliable KPIs

Key Highlights

  • Handled very large amount of data and was able to provide a solution to ingest the data
  • Operations of the telco took place in over 20 different countries, where each country had different KPIs and sets of business rules to ask for
  • Open Source software was used to make sure that the product is cost effective
  • Set up of the infrastructure enabled advanced analytics and data monetization opportunities
  • Proven scalability of design by leveraging the open source software which was able to handle large volumes of data daily


Executive dashboard on Power BI. Visualization tool was connected to the aggregated view with ability to drill down. Key features of the dashboard:


  • Customer churn
  • Active customers
  • Call volume
  • Data usage
  • Recharge value and volume

  • Active customers
  • Call volume
  • Data usage
  • Recharge value and volume
  • Customer activity trend