Case Study One

Case Study One – Customer retention and product optimization for retail customers | Multinational EMEA Bank

Problem Statement

Recommend strategy based on data analytics models to increase Retail Banking liabilities portfolio.



Customer Deposit Optimization

By analysing customer and transaction pattern and generating a score to indicate account activity

Air Tight Security

Highly secure clusters to identify preferred channel and identify likelihood of customer movement to self-serve channels


Self-Serve Dashboards

  • Spend Categorization
  • Affordability
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Channel Activity Analysis

Key Highlights

  • Open Source software was used to make sure that the product is cost effective
  • Set up of the infrastructure enabled advanced analytics and cost reduction opportunities
  • Provided segmentation of customers by analysing product holdings, spending patterns, payments and transfers
  • Ingested and cleaned data of 400 thousand active customers with roughly 70 million transactions over 18 months’ time


Self-Serve Insights dashboard

  • Term deposit duration and renewal
  • Behavioural segmentation
  • Customer profiling
  • Channel and purpose profiling per segment
  • Feature usage per channel