Case Study Three

Case Study Three – Customer Intelligence |Multinational Insurance Company | Leveraging Payments data and social media to derive customer value

Problem Statement

Reduce customer attrition and recommend strategy to retain the customers leading to higher customer value and reduce cost to improve business growth.



Transaction and Social Data

Ingesting and fusing the relevant external data with internal content


Insight into customer types, share of wallet, location statistics along with personal connections and purchase intentions, allowing deep and meaningful understanding of the customer


Personalized marketing based on customers loyalty index to retain the potential movers and to attract the likely joiners

Key Highlights

  • Data Quality
    • Address Cleansing – street names, city names were standardized based on postcode lookup data
    • Fuzzy matching to identify the customer in social media data
    • Reference data standardization
    • Data anonymization
  • Business Rules
    • Segment customer based on social media activity - interests, followers
    • Build a risk profile based on payment behavior
    • Identify customers probability of switching brand


  • Customer shopping behavior analysis
  • Actionable insights on loyal customer base