Case Study Two

Case Study Two – Customer 360 | Large financial institute in Europe

Problem Statement

Create a single customer master platform across different lines of business to efficiently service the customer and improve customer behaviour intelligence to increase customer relationship value.



Consolidated Data Source

Single common identifier for customer across multiple systems and business units

Customer Servicing

Implementation of new products and services is faster, more accurate and cheaper


Internal LinkedIn like analysis to match customers across verticals

Key Highlights

  • Customer Matching based on date of birth, address and identifiers
  • Survivorship Record – identify the most suitable information from the system of trust based on the customer matching records
  • Preference System – customer and account level preference
  • Identify the trusted address of a customer for mailers


Customer 360

  • Single customer view on mobile banking - integrated through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Address update feature in Online Banking – integration with multiple backend system through Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)
  • Automated data quality dashboards
  • Customer Preference Management system
  • Customer risk scoring
  • Regulatory reporting