Insights, Reports and Data Visualization

Data Visualization

Visualizing data helps business-minded decision makers, view and understand large sets of data easily. Well-designed data graphics are usually the simplest and at the same time, the most powerful. We believe that data visualization is one of the key factors in helping decision makers make the right choices for the business and business users should have the capability to ask different questions of data in a simple to use interface. Our team has used several different data visualization tools such as Tableau, Power BI and many more in a way that provides power of analysis in the hands of business users.


Automated Executive Dashboards and Operational Reports

With an executive dashboard, you can make sense of massive amounts of data and make fact-based decisions in real time. This information allows managers to get a big picture view of the organization against critical metrics, identify opportunities for expansion, and see where improvements are needed. Dashboards consolidate and arrange numbers, Key Performance Indicators (KPIs), and sometimes performance scorecards on a single screen, tailored for C-level executives and managers. These dashboards are fully customizable and are the key in acquiring true business value from data assets.

Self-Serve Business Intelligence Reports

Self-service capabilities for business users is a critical factor to ensure data is optimally leveraged once the proper data infrastructure and framework is built. This functionality allows business users to access, interrogate and work with corporate data even though they do not have a background in data queries, statistical analysis, business intelligence (BI) or data mining. By providing this service, we help companies reduce the pressure on their IT departments, as it offers business users simple to use queries which they can be used to analyze data and make business decisions