The IT sector is extremely interesting and investors constantly keep their eyes and ears close in hopes of catching the next big wave. The true value of these companies lie inwhat seem to be black holes called their technology platform, but when investors have us on their side we put on our space suits and dive right in. We take a scientific approach to the due diligence process,and our multifaceted experiences allow us to provide an extensive forward-thinking perspective on how you canbringstrategic value to your organization or investment portfolio. At Open Insights, we have a keen nose for identifying key sources of sustainable value as well as over-hyped opportunities.

We base the process on four principles:
  • Determine the targets standalone value based on a rigorous understanding of Technology platforms and Data collection systems.
  • Stress the systems and ask the big questions to confirm your clear investment thesis.
  • Ensure synergies that work for clients, not against them.
  • Chart a technical integration course early andbring about value as quickly as possible.

Since we are there when the early investment seeds are safely planted, our services in this area also extend to exit strategy planning in hopes of positioning companies for maximum growth opportunities and evaluating optimal exit approaches.

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